Roxburgh Medical Services Trust - General Practice and Community Services

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for the Roxburgh Medical Services Trust.

Current Trustees are
John Pritchard - Chair
Anne Johnston                                            
Stephen Jeffery
Kate Hazlett
Raymond Gunn - Council Representative

a)   To establish at Roxburgh, and to maintain and administer, a medical surgery and/or professional or residential accommodations for medical personnel and/or any other facilities which the Board may from time to time consider necessary or expedient for the promotion of medical, surgical or public health services.
b)   To promote or assist in any way the establishment, development, advancement or maintenance of any other organisation or service having objects and purposes the same as, or similar or ancillary to, those specified in paragraph (a)
c)   To accept, manage and administer any property or funds vested in or placed under the control of the Board for any of the objects or purposes specified in the two preceding paragraphs.
d)   To do all such things as may in the opinion of the Board promote the above objects or purposes, whether directly or indirectly.